Saturday, 28 April 2012

The Quilt of my Life x

My life is like a patchwork quilt, patches of this and that, pieces from the past cross over into the precent.

Faded memories, from blue and white gingham school days, a piece of old lace, whispering of long hot summers, lazy afternoons and first loves kisses.

Denim and cheese cloth, bare foot on sandy beaches, cool clear waters lapping at my toes.

Grey tweed that looks so ruff, but soft to touch, old and well worn, falling asleep on Grandpa's lap, listening to stories of this and that, in the flickering fires glow.

A busy floral cotton of yellow and gold's, reminds me of mother, standing at the door, calling to me to come in for supper, hands in her pinnie pockets, flour on face, the smell of baking wafting around the place.

Cream silk, soft to the touch, looks so delicate but lasts so long, just like my marriage to my one true loved one.

Baby blue and pink chintz my sons first tear and my daughters first smile,and the joy they bring all the while.

So as I sit, getting old and grey, I put together the patches of my life and if by chance one day the memories start to fade, I’ll lay my life quilt out in front of me to survey.

Fly I will to day's gone by and memories that my quilt I know will keep alive, and it I hope will always remind me of days long ago,of sadness and loss, and tragedies I know.

But most of all, the memories it will bring are those of a long life so sweet, and oh so worth the living....

Copyright VG Boom.

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