Saturday, 21 April 2012

I woke today and remembered him, his smell, his smile, his walk, the way he looked at me and just new, new if I had been a good girl and new if I had not.
I remembered the day he strode down the garden path towards the greenhouse and stopped, looked around and bent down to pick the empty pile of pea pods up off the path, the smile on his face and a twinkle in his eyes, as he said in his best "oh wow" voice" Well Well, the fairy's must be hungry today, they must  have needed to fill there tummy's, perhaps a big adventure coming up...............I remember watching him walk down the path chuckling to himself as I hid behind the chicken shed watching, with my pockets filled with the green gems off summer.

Leslie Ellis Hostler 1925-1989

A smell remembered
A smell remembered from years gone by, of toast, teacakes and strawberry jam on a cold winters night.
A power cut the lights go out, find the candles, light the fire, a pot of tea just made, “that was lucky” he said, out to the shed in a force eight gale, struggles back with his trusty lamps, dose the wick, pumps it up, the hiss and then the glow as he beams with pride “I new I’d find them” he shouts out loud.
Mum twists the paper into knots onto the fire, you just watch, a crackle a popping and there it go’s, she smiles at dad in the fire light glow.
Right Dad said ware’s the toasting fork, right at hand.
As a child I watched and wondered how a storm can make a family come together, one minute watching TV next a intimate moment for just we three, “where’s the jam” mum asked of me, I take the lamp into the larder and there it is right at the top, off I go and sit in the middle, jam and teacakes, tea in china cups a bad wind blowing, a memory in the making not to be remembered for over thirty years.
The warmth of my parents and the glow of the embers, I snuggled down between them both and sleep so safe, full of tea of strawberry jam of teacakes and when I wake we all did laugh Dad said it was just a fuse................

Love you Daddy x


  1. Beautiful words you really do have a lovely way with words. Pop would be very proud o you like we are. Xxx

  2. smiling as I am writing, he would have said your the greatest gift I ever gave him baby girl x