Monday, 21 May 2012

The Difference...........

The difference 

Tonight after sitting with my family watching a very soft and fluffy romance, my 15 year old daughter, at seeing the tears roll down my cheek asked  "So whats the difference mummy between love and romance between a man and a woman" With glazed eyes and beating heart I looked upon my child.
I did try to explain one was what you felt one was a thing, but this seemed to shallow for her, she like me, needs words.
So off I went to contemplate, I lay in a bath full of scented bubbles up to my chin and remembered……..

Love is that feeling deep inside, the one that wants to jump right out and explode, to shower the world with golden angle wings,the feeling you get when a thousand bubbles explode on you tongue, its electric, The tingles you feel building up from your toes, that makes every smell so much better, that makes every taste so much nicer, that makes the rainiest of days so much fun, and the smile you smile light the world up from the inside.

Love the second phase………..

Love that lasts and mellows over time, the love of knowing each other inside out, the look that tells each other its ok, I understand, don't worry, the finishing off of sentences, the feeling when you just know something is wrong, the feeling you get when he touches your face and winks.The way he defends you against all others, the feeling he would die for you and knowing you would for him in a heart beat.

The glow you feel inside when you realise you made it to 30 years, and still love each other, not the first love but the one that comes from age and life's ups and downs, from sharing it all, good and bad. The going to bed at night and feeling his arms around you,from the soft murmurs I love you baby, see you in the morning, god bless and knowing he loves me forever.

Romance I think is different for all women, for some it may be the big gesture, the tickets to paris for a romantic weekend, the surprise weekend away at the spar and heath club or though I think I may worry he thought I was in need of this for reasons of looking old and in need of help.
Others may feel that romance is a look that makes you feel special, a card at the right time and maybe flowers.
For me it's not a everyday thing, My husband has a way that a simple hug can feel romantic, a candle in a chocolate bar for my birthday, a daffodil, raised up to me from bended knee, and words that said marry me baby.A valentines gift, the first ever in 16 years, left on a shelf for me to see, wrapped in glossy paper with a card that read, "DO NOT TOUCH TILL VALENTINES DAY "
A conversation,about nothing in particular, when out of the blue he turns and said, you look nice. And for me the most romantic of all the bunch off sweet peas he had grown just for me,left on the side with no mention or praise required.

So my daughter you see love and romance are different for all, no need for grand gestures ,its a knowing what fits and what will be will be, may be for you the angel wings or maybe the sweet peas………………………